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3 Ways to Put More “Heart” in Your Marketing

As women entrepreneurs and business owners, we can sometimes get in our own way. We’re afraid to say too much. Get too real. Or we think there’s some magic book of marketing rules that dictates what we can say and how we can say it. But here’s the thing: In today’s noisy marketing space, having […]

Take 5

I’m not embarrassed to admit it – I’m just plain exhausted. The end of 2019 seemed like a mad race to the finish. And the thought of setting goals, the pressure to plan something befitting the dawn of a new decade – even choosing my word for the year (a process I normally relish) – […]

Finding Your Tribe

At a networking event last week, a woman I’d just met asked if anything has surprised me on the journey from where I started my business to where I am today. Without hesitation, I replied, “The fact that my idea actually worked!” During the year I spent dreaming about Open Heart Creative, there was one thing […]

Blog Love

Writing blog posts is something clients pay me to do. And I absolutely love doing it. The downside? Completely neglecting my own blog. So – I promised my business coach in July that I’d re-start my blog in September. It seemed like a reasonable amount of time to come up with an idea worthy of […]

Take Heart

The heart-shaped balloons and bedazzled boxes of candy started hitting shelves January 2nd. I think buying chocolate a month and a half before gifting it to your sweetheart is a bit sketchy. But I do enjoy seeing hearts at every turn. They’re a daily reminder of the value of moving through the world with an […]

New Year, True You

It’s practically impossible to resist the urge to make that “new year, new you” vow. You know the one: To look better, feel better, be better. The world is awash in advice for making sure 2016 is our best. Year. Ever. We should walk more, read more, sleep more, call more. And eat less, drink […]

Grateful Heart

Grateful Heart Lately I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t posted to this blog in months. Many months. A minimum of once a month. That was the plan. My last post is dated April 9. You do the math. I’ve had a boatload of excuses: I was hiking in Peru, needed to catch up […]

Finding Your Voice

My throat’s been really sore the past few days. The kind of sore that radiates into your chest, makes swallowing torture, and talking a last resort. Whenever this happens I’m reminded of the healer who once told me I had a tendency towards imbalance in my throat chakra. This wasn’t great news for someone whose […]