The HeART of the Matter

“We don’t need other people’s stories to tell us who we are. We need to tell our own stories to remember who we are.” – Carol Titus


We’ve heard it countless times: Communication is the key to a successful relationship.The same holds true for marketing your business.

You are {of course} an amazing ambassador for your brand. You’ve probably lost count of the number of times you’ve told the story of why and how you do what you do – over coffee or cocktails, at networking events, and sitting at conference tables.

But when prospective customers or clients head to your website or scan your marketing materials, your story is nowhere to be found. Something has gotten lost in the translation. Your messaging falls flat. Or it simply confuses the heck out of everyone.

As Chief Storyteller at Open Heart Creative, I capture the essence of your story – told in your voice – and use it to market your business. Together we’ll develop a clear content strategy and create compelling copy that gets to the heART of what makes your business – well – your business.

The result? All of the tools you use to share your story will work in harmony. And speak the language that connects you and your brand with your customers.

The Process

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” – Rumi

Content crafting is a collaborative process. At Open Heart Creative, this process is equal parts story sharing, soul searching and strategic planning – with a big pinch of mentoring added in.

We’ll work together to help you discover {or rediscover} the motivation behind your business. What drives you? What makes you special? Why does it matter?

You’ll dig deep, clarify your core values, and make sure your messages align with what you and your business stand for. You’ll strengthen your connection to the emotional center of your work, establishing a platform from which to promote what you do with total authenticity.

Finally, we’ll distill this down to clear and powerful content that firmly establishes who you are and what’s unique about your products or services. Content that people will want to read. Respond to. And share.

  • Connection: To your vision, core values, and authentic voice

  • Curiosity: Exploring what drives you and why your business matters

  • Creativity: Examining every aspect of your business from a fresh perspective

  • Courage: Sharing your story with honesty and integrity

  • Confidence: Knowing that your communications speak straight from the heART