Take 5

I’m not embarrassed to admit it – I’m just plain exhausted.

The end of 2019 seemed like a mad race to the finish. And the thought of setting goals, the pressure to plan something befitting the dawn of a new decade – even choosing my word for the year (a process I normally relish) – feels a bit daunting.

If all the overly-enthusiastic social posts and “get in gear for 2020” emails make you want to pull the covers over your head, here’s a thought: Let’s just take five. 

Instead of worrying about what’s next, we could simply pause. Take a break. Rest our bodies, our minds, our hearts. And create the breathing room to carefully consider how we’re feeling, what we need and don’t need, before making promises, creating plans and marking calendars. I recently attended a business workshop run by a colleague who cautioned against setting too many goals or goals that aren’t achievable. Why? Because every time we break one of these commitments, we lose trust in ourselves. That’s a scary thought.

My word for 2020 is FLOW, and I’m starting things off by easing into the new year.

I’ll be hanging out a little longer on the edge of what was and what might be. Creating space to reflect on how I’ve been spending my time. What I’d like to do more {and less} of. And making sure my commitments align with my mission – and my heart.

Care to join me?